I opened up my program in TokenIDE and Tokenized it as a .8xp file and surprisingly my program became cross compatible even though it has the textcolor( token in my program and it still works.
One way:

tifreak8x wrote:
Well, the nice thing is, if you try to throw an 84+CSE program at an 84+/83+, it will throw an ERR:VERSION. Though, the trick Kerm provides would be helpful to ensure that a message is put in that says they need to find a more compatible version of what they are wanting to run.

Yeah, Ti−Connect CE is kind of annoying when doing that kind of stuff. I played JPL a few times, and what that did was detecting XMin, etc., and jumped to a label if a monochrome calculator was detected. So you can remove the hassle of stuff like TextColor() via labels.

Just make sure you do not stack End commands.
bit of a necropost but this just dawned on me:

If det(angle([[~1

The angle() bug was fixed on the CSE, so if angle([[-1]]) returns [3.14159...] or [180] then its color, if it returns 0, then its monochrome.
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