it's my birthday today, i am very happy c:
idk what else to say, general forum thread for posting the phrase « Happy birthday » or variants thereof.
Happy Birthday! That's nice.
It is not just the cemetech experts with most posts that have to be congratulated.
Umm... have yourself the happiest of birthdays! Now I need to give you a virtual hug, virtual cake, virtual candles, and a virtual birthday card. What should be on the card, TheUndetectableAvroLancaster? I have this sweet card that compares its recipient to a classic car, but IDK if you'd like that. Eh, licks stamp anyway.

Wait, you got a loicense for celebrating your birthday? Should have asked that first... Razz
Happy birthday Caesar / TheDarkBomber! I hope you stick around for lots more birthdays Smile
Have an awesome birthday! May your day be filled with lots of fun and maybe even a fancy dance or two. Razz Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday Ceasar / TheDarkBomber! Your chat might be a bit random, but it's always fun to talk! Very Happy Smiling Cat
Happy bday Caesar! I dont know you that well as I'm not very active, but have a nice day my guy!
Happy birthday, Caesar!
Happy birthday!
Happy Anniversary of your first revolution around Sol!
I don’t even know who you are, but happy birthday
‮Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday!
Ah! How did I miss this?! Sad
me: haunts Caesar
Happy Belated Birthday!! Smile
it is my birthday again
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday Caesar!
Wish you happy everyday Razz
And don't forget to be the cutiest chat bee all the time Wink
Happy birthday Caesar! Very Happy
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