Happy pi day everyone! Thought I'd make this thread just for people to talk about pi and post pi digits because... because... umm... pi?

anyway here is the first 100 digits!


Enjoy and happy pi day! Laughing
Yay it's π day! This font renders the lowercase pi symbol as the uppercase pi symbol, Π, but shorter instead of the classic pi symbol we all know and love!

anyway here is the first 1001 digits!


happy π day everyone, enjoy
4999 is a prime number!

...am I in the right place?
For Pi day, here’s a program I wrote to calculate digits of Pi. It displays 7 digits at a time. If it shows less than 7 digits, there should be leading 0’s. The original post is somewhere on the forum.

Anywhere you see -> replace that with the sto key.


Disp iPart(V/T
Nice program! Should we do an "advent of code" like thing? basically pi in a bunch of languages?
Happy Pi Day!

Can I have a large container of coffee, cream, and sugar?

This topic is going to be a compilation of PI related stuff? Neat.
Happy π day everyone! Enjoy some math as well as pi (and maybe pie as well?)
Happy pi day everyone, be sure to test your memorization abilities with this fun pi game that I made 3 years ago!

I'm posting this on Pi day, at Pi Time, while I eat a pizza pie. Very Happy
Happy PI Day!
"Pi Day is an annual celebration of the mathematical constant π"
I am going to eat myself 3 and 14/100 slices of pizza pie. Come to think about it, it's all a conspiracy! The bakers invented pi to sell pie. Jokesters and math nerds would gladly fork over their entire life savings and take a second mortgage on their house if it meant that they could get their hands on a pie on Pi Day. The word "pi" itself oozes pun potential, and when the bakers see the word "pi", they see money oozing out of the wallets of millions of consumers. Or... people just like puns? Nah.
I thought of the joke too late lol, but in response to Candledark's post:
Here's a PI one liner in java:

package piDay; public class Main { public static void main(String[] args) { System.out.println(Math.PI); } }

(i am sorry for my comedy war crimes)
ok, I notice:
14. March is π-day.
Do you guys also tell the time hh:ss:mm?

Piggy-backing on this thread: Happy 2022 Pi Day, everyone!

Some blasts from the past:
Happy Pi Day to all Americans!
This is late, but my geo honors teacher actually had people bring in pie!
Happy Pi Day, everyone! I'm very disappointed that none of you posted Pi Day greetings yet.
Happy Pi Day! We were all waiting on you to kick the celebration off.
That last post was 2 years ago... wild. Time scares me. Happy Pi Day.
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