tr1p1ea wrote:
So would you have some kind of setup in your vehicle that would allow you to sleep etc and take advantage of nomadic services (like trailer parks amenities and stuff)? (Do you live in the US?).

Yeah, I live in the US. I've only camped out of a vehicle for a few days at most in the past (a Toyota Corolla at that, and I set up a tent outside on the ground every night after traveling to a new spot). But a good setup to me would be a van, or a truck with a camper shell and a long enough bed, or an suv if it has enough space in the back. That way you can sleep in the vehicle wherever you go. Then from there you can pack the essentials, like your clothes of course, but also a cooler, a camping stove and some propane bottles, water bottles, food, dishes, hygiene stuff, etc etc.

It can be a lot of work (I know from experience), but I think once you do it for a while you can kind of optimize your routine. I haven't done it for long enough to anything about long term nomadic living, but from what I know you can take advantage of certain apps that tell you about camping spots and places to park, and park amenities are great to have too- especially if they have showers- but you could also bathe in rivers if you want to I guess. Also I've been to some camping spots before that have pretty terrible bathrooms/shower rooms... to the point where you'd rather do your business outside in the forest lol but if you're prepared that's no big deal.

I don't know precisely what setup I'm going for yet, it's likely to be an suv of some sort but I have to see what I can afford.
Michael2_3B wrote:
I'm investing in cryptos (DOGE TO THE MOON!!!).

Somewhat off-topic, unsolicited advice from someone who knows blockchains well: Doge is not your friend, and using it as an investment vehicle is financially equivalent to participating in a pyramid scheme (and not far off from buying lottery tickets).
elfprince13 wrote:
Michael2_3B wrote:
I'm investing in cryptos (DOGE TO THE MOON!!!).

Somewhat off-topic, unsolicited advice from someone who knows blockchains well: Doge is not your friend, and using it as an investment vehicle is financially equivalent to participating in a pyramid scheme (and not far off from buying lottery tickets).

Yes, it’s pretty much gambling.
Today a girl I really like had a € 10 note stolen from her bedroom.
It was her pocket money that she kept to bake something for her parents,
whom she can only meet every two weeks.
It is so outrageously mean to take exactly this money from her and not admit it.
Of course I am also sad because I had to see this girl being very sad
and because the consequences were sad.

But I somehow got also into a pessimistic line of thought
and see the world being so infinitely unfair.
In this case it was only 10 € and one unfortunate girl.
There is much worse.
Starving people without money.
But the same thing happened to the starving boy in the developing world and to the girl: Injustice.

I wonder why many people are so mean that it makes others unhappy.
But unfortunately you can ask yourself that all your life and won't get any good answer.
Something has changed (how fast it can work!):
It turned out who stole the money: The guy took it to get his drugs.
The police were there and he received two reports, one for stealing money and one for illegal drug possession.
That is really deserved.

But my thoughts on world justice remain.
This is how I feel since I (and my siblings) no longer live with my parents:

Physical and psychological violence have finally stopped.
In retrospect, I wonder why I deserve these things to be done to me.
That's why I am still often sad (why so many pains and fears in my youth?).
But things are slowly getting better with this question and the memories
(I will also soon be in contact with a child psychiatric clinic, which will help me well).
After all, at school I no longer have the feeling that I am all alone with my problems with my upbringing.
I have already told my class that I no longer live with my parents and I am feeling much better at school.
My eyes are still sick, tomorrow I finally have an ophthalmologist appointment.
The eye disease limits me and my joy in life.
Perhaps my father is directly responsible for hitting me hard on the head once and my eye problems started shortly afterwards.
In any case, my parents are to blame anyway, because they left me alone with my problems
for 4 years and rarely took me to the ophthalmologist.
That will have a meaning in court.
Here in the living group where I live now, everything is perfect, I get along with the other young people and I feel safe!
I can hear everyday loud music and that makes me feel also much more well than before.

Feel free to post questions if you have any.
Well, yahoo. My parents sent me to a private school and are now saying I will have to pay them back for the money they spent on it.
I am not going to college until I do. I don't know what sort of Job it will be, but I hope I get a decent one.
I have been feeling ok I guess. Im over the really bad stuff as of late.
I have to put it out there that I miss my boyfriend. Waiting until next school year feels like an eternity.
I will be going to camp soonish. I hope all works out there. Gonna try and program some stuff.
(Its an outdoorsy camp, but I will have my ti 84+)
Tell tater I said Hi.
I have no access to the internet here. I am currently on a library computer, something my dad would be PISSED about.
I don't really have friends here, and can't really make them. Just waiting for camp.
Did I mention to tell tater I said hi? I think tater would appreciate that.
I really just want to get away from my parents and my house. Camp does that. School did that. But for now, I am stuck here.
I don't have much to do all day. I am bored out of my mind most of the time. I am trying to get myself to program or draw, but I have lost the motivation to do so lately.
Well, my time is almost up, so I hope this gets to the people who I want to see it alright.
Tater will really want to hear that.
If only I were here when you popped in. The days I'm not on my computer, you pop in. What timing. Triple oofiedoodles. Anyhow, I do appreciate you saying hello after these couple weeks of inactivity. I missed you so much!
I miss you, did I mention that? You are such a smart and kind person with all these little and big talents, from creative programs to creative art. I know you can brave through these next months. I have been thinking about you and your situations. I care about you, because you are one of my first online friends, and you are so amazing. I wish we had more ways to communicate, but at least when things get better, we will have much more time to talk. Thanks for being here!
...and thanks, Cemetech, for being here :p

Take care, and virtual hugz!
(Also, look in your messages.)
Virtual hugz from me as well! Razz

Good luck, have fun at camp, try to have fun at home (even if your parents make it impossible), and try to find motivation to work on programs! this is coming from someone who is so lazy that they almost never have the motivation to work on programs
Also, your parents are making you pay for the private school THEY put you into? That's just wrong.
I look forward to seeing you at the end of the summer!
This is more of a "Why your life sucked" post, although honestly it was far less bad than what life problems that some have had in this thread, and in my case the final outcome that ended up less bad than expected. Anyway in late 2017 I got PTSD from years of stuff that happened in real life and I eventually became unable to work. Given where I live this did not cause many financial problems, though, because apartments are cheap, but PTSD made social interactions significantly more difficult especially in real life during its peak and it got so severe that the simple sight of a calculator, a NES game, a Super C store or other various cues from my previous city could trigger symptoms. Eventually I just moved in the middle of the night within a 2 hours notice and left everything behind (and never got most of it back).

Anyway I gotta live with it now (along with the other mental things I got) and I can thankfully look at calcs or retro games without setting off my symptoms (the trick is exposure but in very very small, increasing amounts at a time). I also got social housing, which is actually not bad considering regular cheap apartments are in generally poor condition or have extremely noisy neighbors. I'd have gotten social housing regardless of if I could still work or not, though, given how terrible other landlords are in general.
What am I supposed to do now? I feel stuck and directionless. What do people do in their mid-20s?
MateoConLechuga wrote:
What am I supposed to do now? I feel stuck and directionless. What do people do in their mid-20s?

Get a wife I guess
This is why your life sucks.

It's all Adam's fault. Well, not really. We'll get there.

You see, when Maledil (bear with me) created the Oyerésu (with whom this tale is not concerned) and the Eldila, one of them decided that he (the bent eldil) didn't like what Maleldil had given him. He decided (still a bit fuzzy on the details, but I think I have them mostly right) that he came first, not Maledil. The bent one tried to usurp Maledil's throne. Being omnipotent, Maledil is unconquerable. Bear in mind, time has not yet been created, so there is not yet a such thing as causality (or "yet", for that matter O.o). Long story short, Maleldil exiled the bent eldil, who had by then mustered one third of the hosts of eldila to his bent cause. All were cast out from the presence of Maleldil in disgrace.

Eventually, the bent one awakes (still yet no time; it's just convenient to tell the tale in this fashion) and attempts to infiltrate another world.

I'm getting ahead of myself. He rallies his meager troops (comparatively speaking) and thru eventually build a palace, and all manner of things as befit a renegade lieutenant on the run from the Creator of all. (Yes, this is how I normally talk in real life.) They hold a large feast that serves a dual purpose -- obviously, feasting and all that, but also a militarial one. Various stratagems for the retaliation at Maledil are proffered, but none really holds any water, until the bent one's right-hand man, whom we shall call the lieutenant (for such was the title bestowed upon him by the bent one after having been cast down) mentioned an ancient prophecy (still before time) concerning another being. Not as great, yet greater. Not as happy, and yet much happier. He goes on for a while describing these beings, and how by corrupting their world, the bent one might increase his ranks.

Now we are back at the infiltration part. The bent one has successfully infiltrated this strange world (in which there is time) that Maleldil has lovingly created. By various methods and means, the bent one comes into contact with the Queen and Mother of this world. Through many long discourses, the bent one corrupts her heart, and through her, the King's heart as well. And Maleldil was very displeased with this.

But Maleldil is a force to be reckoned with, and most certainly not to be trifled with. He cursed the serpent whose form the bent one had assumed, and thereby set in motion a millennia-long plan for the ultimate redemption of this world -- not only of the King and Queen, but all their descendants as well. But that is a story for another time.

We are merely concerned with the immediate consequences of the King and Queens corruption by the bent one and the firm grip he held over the majority of Tellus (short for Thulcandra, the name of the planet on which the King and Queen dwelt, though not of the entire world) before the time of Maleldil taking on the form of the race of the King and Queen, and changing Tellus forever. These aforementioned immediate consequences were quite unhappy. Theft, violence, murder. Unspeakable things even more atrocious than these were committed, and this very displeased Maleldil.

It is very important to note that the crimes, not the criminals, were (and indeed still are) utterly despised by Maleldil and all who walk in His footsteps. The criminals, however, were (and indeed still are) to be loved and cared for and redeemed. For such was the will of Maleldil from the very beginning, since before time: That all creatures, Tellurian, Eldilan (not entirely sure that's a word, but I'll go for it), or otherwise are to be wholly redeemed and made new in His love and His grace.

(If you thought that you recognized some of this... That's because you did. Paradise Lost by John Milton is a stylized account of what happened before time and at the very beginning. The Space Trilogy by C. S. Lewis is a highly commendable and rereadable series consisting of a minor fictionalization of the beings known to us as Angels. Multiple allusions to various great works of literature were made, including a line from one of Shakespeare's historical plays. If you enjoyed this (I know I certainly enjoyed pirating all the names and whatnot, as well as the actual writing of it), then message me, and I might continue this project. There you go, I also worked nesting parentheses in ;)
You sound schizophrenic. No thanks.
I thought this was a spam user at first.

Nobody is reading that.
I could not figure out if the post was actually on-topic or not. >.<
DAVID-19: Good luck with your eyes and congrats on getting out of that situation-- I know what it's like 😐 The good news is you're not alone 😊 The bad news is, you're not alone 🙁
Paradise lost? More like.....
...fiction, a it.
This is for personal stuff, not literature class.
Life sucks because everyone is hiring but it seems nobody wants me working for them.

Edit: Also, just thought I'd mention how much I hate insane old presidents. Can't believe what is going on in the world right now.
I have a manual thinking mode and an automatic thinking mode.

Guess which one gets me in the most trouble.

I also have AD(H)D, ASD, and depression. I won the mental illness lottery. :p
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