Clearly SC3 should have some form of git integration so you can reload old project states! Let's make even more work for the website devs.
Haha you're not wrong. Maybe this could be somehow integrated with the idea I saw earlier about adding a GitHub profile link to your Cemetech profile? Perhaps some sort of "push/publish to GitHub" tool in SC3?
what am i talking about that's be an absolute pain... to develop that is[
I didn't say that lol. I agreed with you. And then (in the spirit of Git itself) added an idea for a feature related to, but not strictly a part of, this one. Make sense?

I know Git and GitHub are not the same thing (I learned that the hard way). There's no need to tell me that.
I investigated Github integration many a year ago, but never had the motivation to follow through. It unfortunately is a very good idea, and would also help provide a structured way for authors to collaborate on projects.
Does the "unfortunately" mean that this might (unfortunately) never happen?

Or might it?
darkwater4213 wrote:
Does the "unfortunately" mean that this might (unfortunately) never happen?

Or might it?
The unfortunately means that I wish it was a worse idea so I could dismiss it out of hand as not worth implementing. Because it's a good idea, I don't have any time, and I assume PT_ is generally quite busy as well, it indeed might (unfortunately) never happen.
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