Merry Thanksgiving! Go make an amazing calculator program everyone! Razz
I'm only 11 so I'm going to my friends house for Thanksgiving. Happy Thankgiving!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I'm looking forward to some good food tonight Smile
Happy day-that-we-eat-turkey! Er, um, I meant, happy Thanksgiving! Very Happy
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Have a wonderful day! Very Happy
Happy Thanksgiving from Australia! I was lucky to be able to experience an authentic Thanksgiving last year with a wonderful family in Atlanta. I enjoyed my first cheese ball! Razz

Have a wonderful day, everyone! Smile
I hope everybody had a good time! I enjoyed having quality time with my family Smile (the turkey and carrot cake was good too)
I got a good calculator now, an hp39gii, wow its fast, had to update the firmware, its very rare that it crashes now, i've been writing some programs for it. I will probably post some online at a later date, just getting to know the hp39gii first,
I've had this topic open forever, because I meant to share the photograph that I posted on Cemetech's Twitter account, of a very calculator-y Thanksgiving. At least I managed to remember before Thanksgiving rolled around again!

Happy Thanksgiving, American Thanksgiving-celebrating Cemetechians! I hope it's a pleasant, relaxing, safe, and delicious holiday, and if you don't celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you have that type of day anyway.
Happy Thanksgiving! Planning on cooking, lighting the fireplace, eating entirely too much, and perhaps some school calculator repairs Smile TI-84+ SE
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Smile If you don't celebrate Thanksgiving, still enjoy today for no special reason whatsoever. Razz
I can't feel joy.
Did you edit that calculator photo in Gimp, cause it looks too high res to run on the graph screen!
Since I don't celebrate thanksgiving, I was more looking forward for Black Friday. However there's supposed to be snow tomorrow and I remembered what happened last time there was snow on Black Friday, so I think I'll just stay home rather than getting stuck inside traffic for an hour.
I made something of a holiday dinner a few weeks ago that included pumpkin pie (because it's the correct season for it, even if pumpkin pie isn't really A Thing where I am), where the main dish was Beef Wellington:

I apparently didn't capture a photo of the pie immediately on completion, but it was a delight:

Bonus video: devouring the squash husk from making puree to make the pie custard.
Never been sure on Pumpkin Pie but that Wellington looks amazing!

Also is your thermometer in F? 🧐
Happy thanksgiving to those who celebrate it! I got to join a family celebrating it in Atlanta back in 2015 and it was a great day Smile
tr1p1ea wrote:
Also is your thermometer in F? 🧐

My recipe had target temperatures in F, so it was easier to work that way. There's a button on the back of my thermometer to swap.
Happy Thanksgiving folks. I hope y'all had a wonderful meal. Very Happy
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