It would be neat if it were possible to link to a development thread from an archives page. This would allow people to find the dev thread easily, and also hopefully reduce the number of questions that get asked in the "reviews" section. Perhaps there could be a "report a bug" button near the "add review" button that redirects directly to the post editor for adding a post to the development thread.
This is an amazing idea. (but I could see some problems with necro-posting)
I think this is a great idea. The one addition that I might make is some kind of preset text that is pasted into the post editor using the "report bug" button that commandblock guy proposed: perhaps this could automatically input the version information for you (although I suppose someone could be running an old version). Linking to a GitHub issues page might be more useful for this purpose, if that's possible.
epsilon5 wrote:
Linking to a GitHub issues page might be more useful for this purpose, if that's possible.

Therein lies the rub- do we want this to just allow the user to link anywhere, say if their development log was on another forum or Github? Or would we want it to only link to Cemetech?
(I do support this though)
I'm sitting here amused that this thread has basically mirrored a three-year-old discussion on a private bug about basically the same thing. In my mind the only open question is whether it should be possible to specify an arbitrary number of URLs, or only one? Beyond that there's no compelling reason to restrict links to be to to a forum thread, or to Cemetech pages at all.

I don't consider this very important though, given you can always put a link in your description.
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