Is anyone aware of any program to convert MATLAB to Python? My main goal is to ditch MATLAB and possibly switch to Python, but I wonder if it's possible to convert all my scripts automatically. Programs I found so far:

    - SMOP - looks pretty good, although a bit outdated. The implemented subset looks quite small.
    - OMPC - also pretty good, but the repository doesn't exists anymore, plus it is made for Python 2.5
    - Mat2py - very outdated, uses Python 2.7

So, as you might see, there is (at least, I think) no good up-to-date converter available. So does anyone have more information about a program I'm overlooking or anything else in progress? Note that I'm not looking for a wrapper or something, like a Python program which just calls the MATLAB functions, but a real compiler.
I doubt it, as there's usually no one to one conversion from one language to another. Thus, a hypothetical converter would have to translate the semantics instead. Computers aren't exactly known to understand semantics well.
For reasonably-well-specified languages like MATLAB transpiling isn't infeasible, but it does require rather a lot of work to be useful- for which it seems nobody wants a MATLAB-to-Python transpiler enough to make a good one.

It may be useful to further explain why you want to port your programs but aren't willing to spend the time to do so manually. Depending on what you want it might be reasonable to start with one of the tools you've listed and manually make the port better (taking advantage of the tool to give you a base to start the work with), or skip the Python part and use some other tool (perhaps running your programs with Octave if MATLAB licensing is the barrier you're concerned about).
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