Me and a friend are trying to develop a game in the unity 3d engine. I know blender works on linux, but is there a distro of unity3d?
And no, I'm not doing this on the pi zero w, so don't worry about a fire hazard. I'm doing it on a 3B+.
Any help with what I'm up against would also be great to know! If anyone has made games in unity before, and could tell me what else I might need (e.x. Blender for modeling), that would be much appreciated!
I will check this again tomorrow, and hopefully be able to begin creating a game with my friend!
(More info about the game itself coming soon, probably in a seperate forum post)
3B+ is way faster than a zero W, but it's still way too slow. Yes, an abacus is faster than doing it by heart, but it doesn't mean you should solve integrals with an abacus. It will be even worse, as you need to run the editor on top of your game while you are testing, and someone new to unity probably won't be able to write well optimized code.

I'd call the fire dept beforehand if you are trying to do that on any rpi.
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