Life’s pretty great, it may not be perfect yet nor will it ever be but I’m happier now that it’s summer. I’m trying to be more positive lately and not be on a screen as much. Hopefully making some new friends this summer.
Great that you can realize a positive side of life!
I wish you a nice summer time!
Now that I no longer live with my parents and am instead taken into custody
and live in a facility for young people with similar stories,
I am learning that body contact between people is important and beautiful.

We hug each other here at the facility every day.
At first it seemed strange to me.

Body contact with my parents was very unpleasant (beating)
and well-intentioned body contact with my parents always
awakened memories of unpleasant physical contact with my parents in me.
I was also brought up in such a way that only lovers touch each other.

But here in my new environment I notice that it is not so.
I hold someone's hands or hug someone to show friendship or empathy, for example.
Body contact doesn't have to be sexual, as I was taught earlier.
It is a beautiful behavior between humans that makes people happier and consolates them,
because a short hug can mean more consolation than a long conversation.

I am happy to discover this thing in life too.
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