I use Javascript to program sometimes, and was wondering if anyone knew anything about good machine learning modules in JS.
I have a few ideas of what I could make, I just need a good machine learning database to make them.
One of my ideas is really stupid: a discord bot AI that generates pictures of Anime girls based on user specifications. I may actually use it to try and generate a picture for Suzan's profile picture.
Oh, and in case yall didnt hear, suzan is a discord bot now! (yay!)
She will be offline all summer though (not yay).
So yeah, any help is much appriciated!
I've found this online a while back, it's a free ebook for neural networks in Javascript:
The neural network this book teaches isn't very deep, but it's trivial to extend this to many more layers.

I also recommend learning how machine learning works in general first, before programmming anything.
There's this video by CGP Grey, although it's very simplified: https://youtu.be/R9OHn5ZF4Uo
This video by Grant Sanderson is pretty good, too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aircAruvnKk
I'll probably edit this post as I find more...
Can't make any suggestions specific to Javascript, but someone I work with has previously suggested this tutorial for learning to train a StyleGAN model from scratch, and it turns out that the specific example application is for generating anime faces and they link to a bunch of secondary resources on challenges associated with that task.

Also, it's a major uphill battle to do ML, especially DL in languages other than Python, so you may want to consider learning Python and using that to train your model, and then if absolutely necessary, figuring out how to deploy the trained model with a JS or web frontend.
Ok! I may use python then....
How would I go about doing that? I know about TensorFlow, but have no idea how to install it.
Any help there?
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