I would like to add a warning to two of my programs because I found that similar file browser code may cause stack corruption or has some kind of issue with corrupting my variables. Because I'm still investigating and working on it I don't have a solution so I don't have a new release.

I would like to add the following notice to the following programs:

WARNING: I recently found evidence of stack corruption in similar code that this program has for the file browser. Download and run at your own risk.

This notice should go on the following programs:

Is there a way to get this done or is this something an administrator or moderator needs to do?
We don't currently allow users to edit existing file descriptions because that might require that the file be re-reviewed and that could be awkward to make work. I've added the line you provided to each of those programs' descriptions for you.

We'd probably want to provide a way to yank a file version instead of edit it, so you can create a modified version (which still requires review) and yank the old one.
Thank you for adding the warning. Hopefully I'll have a solution so we won't need that going forward but in the meantime I'm glad that it's there.
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