Hello there, you haven't seen me before but if you have you probably know me as TorNATO in SAX.

So, I am working with some friends at my university on making this VR application, and we are using .NET to do it, but that isn't entirely relevant to my question. Right now, our goal is to do the following: Take a stream of encoded h264 files and convert them to bitmaps that can be rendered. The most obvious solution to do this is by using FFMPEG, since that it is good at decoding those. Basically what I was thinking of doing is the following:

1. FFMPEG does the decoding of compressed h264 stream into a sequence of render-able bitmaps, because that is what FFMPEG does
2. We read the decoded h264 stream from FFMPEG using C# somehow - Unsure about this, not so much about how to work with streams but how to go about accessing FFMPEG streams from C#
3. That stream that has been read will be stored in a framebuffer where each buffer is a segment of decoded h264 data. - Unsure about this as well, not sure what the best way to do it with video files would be.

The goal is for all of this to happen in real time, as in a live stream, but for now we are trying to figure out how to go about getting started with this. I was wondering if anyone had any input that they would like to add/suggestions on how to go about accomplishing this task. Thanks in advanced!
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