(A mod is probably going to have to lock this topic before the shoe spam comes Laughing)

Shoe spam has become so prevalent, it has become quite Cemetech meme.

[Caesar] wait what if Adidas and Nike made calculator shoes?
[Zeroko] If they made calculator shoes, clearly it would be part of the spam campaign against Cemetech.

Instead of fighting the ads, I've decided to buy into it and create a Cemetech themed shoe!

The TennIs 84 Plus Crazy SuperExtream shoe is designed to make you 16 MegaHorsepowerz more powerful at walking! However, if you simply draw over the built-in resistor R07D with a number 2 pencil, you can make the shoe over 24 MHz more powerful*!

* I make no claims that the shoe can actually make you any better at walking. Getting better takes practice and sitting at your phone/computer is not making you any better at walking.

It's not just a render, it's an actual shoe you can buy, assuming you have nothing better to spend $150 on. Razz
(Note: To be clear, no one is affiliated with the shoe company. If, for whatever reason, you buy the shoe you're only giving money to the company, not Cemetech)

Post your Cemetech shoes here!
EDIT: TLM 1666th post!
I approve this message.
The I/O port, disguised as that loop on the back of each shoe, is capable of receiving apps, variables, and other data. TennIs ShoeNet makes inter-shoe connectivity a reality! Easily daisy chain them by placing aglets into each others' shoes and voila! Now your team can run faster. Or, if you and your friends need to earn some cash, feel free to mine Bitcoin using your footwear networking system. There is nothing weird about that last sentence, not at all.

Just remember to never install the v1.3.1 update! That update disables the user's capacity to install user-created applications (including the Bitcoin mining software) and introduces multiple bugs.
If 180$ seems to much for you, be sure to Cool new cemetech shoes check out the latest Cemetech Shoes for all ages custom Cemetech shoes! Made for comfort as well as Easy fitting cemetech shoes, style, these awesome new shoes will make all your fellow Cemetechians jealous! Be sure to check them out here! They are also reasonably priced at only $75 a pair!

Michael0x18 wrote:

Yes. Just yes.
(PASTE TRANSLATE) Buy Kerm shoes today and enjoy pressure of bone on cushion ground! Superb shoes for all age, such younglings, babies, toddlers, boys, girls, teenagers, middle-age adults, college, men, women, workers, elder wizard, deceased, teacher, military personnel, retirees, aliens planet good. Transact and receive fun joy cushion great good todday and have uncontrollable explosion!

Also, free fun deal consumer obeying wisdom: Free Kerm adhesive include with buy! Enjoy a good adhesive substance on laptops, appliances, and cooperate share coordinates with allies. 9.95 for handles and voyage expense. Expect children delivery 4-Twelve week. (Like seriously, I'd love to buy some stickers with his face on them and plop them on random things. "Who's this guy?" "He trains calculators.")
lol Kerm shoes, "I would not wear them (outside on date or something) Laughing "

The color on a shoe really matters and you should take into account that Cemetech colors are not very "suppling" to younglings. On the other hand I would say Cemetech slides and some mech would be very neat thou Razz (I would wear mech!!)
Alvajoy123 wrote:
0x5 Kerm shoes, "I would not wear them (outside on date or something) 0x5 "
It must be upsetting to be so wrong. Look how amazing these are, and then consider them with yellow-orange or matte gold laces:

KermMartian wrote:
It must be upsetting to be so wrong.

Savage. Unfortunately, TLM here kinda stole my April Fools' joke that I wrote up last year with the intent of posting this year.... maybe next year Evil or Very Mad

$60 doesn't seem so bad for a pair of shoes, but too expensive to impulse buy just for the laughs Smile
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