UPDATE: More submissions for this contest will still be accepted, up until the release of VYSION 2.0.0 or notice otherwise.

As I'm sure most of you know, I've been hard at work at VYSION 2, the next iteration of VYSION CE, which will bring many new features, a fully new GUI, and a rewrite of much of the code, which should result in higher speed, lower size, and better efficiency. To encourage community development in this project, here's a contest! The winners will have their icons set as the defaults in the next version of VYSION. There are four categories of icons, in which contestants can choose to compete in any combination of categories:

NOTE: Palettes should be limited to 64 entries, 32 ideally.

File Icons
These icons are used as the icons when no custom icon is detected. There are 8 types of icons (all 16 x 16 px):
-ICE source
For reference, here are the icons from 1.0.0:

Here are the icons that I was going to use for 2.0.0, before I decided to rewrite the GUI:

I'd like to keep the blue gradient that's present in both of these icons, as I feel it helps to unify the theme of the shell, but this can be removed if deemed necessary.

Start Menu Icons
These icons are the ones displayed to represent the options in the start menu. There are also 8 icons here (all 12 x 12 px):
-power (removed in 0.3.0 or so)
Here are the icons from 1.0.0, for reference:

Settings Menu Icons
These were not present in 1.0.0, but represent the different options available in the settings menu. There are 6 icons currently, but more may be added in the future (all 16 x 16 px):
For reference, here are the icons from 1.9.0 (unreleased):

File Operations Menu Icons
These icons are for the menu that pops up when you right click, with the options being (all 12 x 12 px again):
-new folder
-new file (will be present in 2.0.0, probably)
-open location
I never actually finished icons for this menu, and this is probably the least important category (even Windows has hardly any icons in its equivalent menu), but I'm still open to submissions here as well.

That's all. Thanks for participating in the contest, which will end in one week, on February 25, 2021, at 11:59 EST. Please post your entries in this thread. I'm looking forward to seeing what you all come up with!
Quick reminder that about two days have passed, entries are due in a little over five days. If there aren’t any entries in that time, I may grant an extension.
Alright, here's what I have! Very Happy

File Icons

These icons are somewhat similar to the ones from Vysion 1 and 2, but I tied them together in a way I thought looked nice.

Start Menu Icons

Settings Menu Icons

(There is a 2 above the V on the Shell icon, but it doesn't show up so well against the transparent background)

File Operations Menu Icons

These I accidentally made 14x14 instead of 12x12 (oops) but here they are anyway:

And then for ease of usage I put them all together here:

I hope you like them! Very Happy
Nice work, TIny_Hacker! You are currently winning. On an unrelated note, I did make my own contest entry (is that allowed?), for the file icons. This is a mix between the VYSION 1 and VYSION 1.9.0 file icons:
Perhaps instead of making icons, you could do it like GTK and allow icon themes. That would be absolutely sick.
Michael0x18 wrote:
Perhaps instead of making icons, you could do it like GTK and allow icon themes. That would be absolutely sick.

If you’re referring to icon packs, that is a planned feature in 2.0.0, and will let users to equip icons from appvars, changing all the graphics in the shell (besides the wallpaper, which is handled separately).
As the contest ends today and I only have one entry, I'm going to grant an extension of an additional one week, meaning the new end date will be March 4, 2021, at 11:59 PM EST. TIny_Hacker is still in the lead.
Time to show off my icons!

First up we have the File Icons:

Then the Settings Menu Icons:

And last, but not least, the Start Menu Icons!

I also have a folder with all the individual icons/icon sets! Hope you like 'em! Smile
Those look awesome! Now I'm not gonna win anymore xD I'm excited to learn the results in a few days. Very Happy
Looks like we have two submissions now, so I'll tentatively announce the current leaders:
-file icons: epsilon5
-start menu icons: TIny_Hacker
-settings menu icons: KMisthebomb
-file operations icons: TIny_Hacker
Thanks to everyone who has submitted so far. At this point, I'm going to switch to a rolling submission kind of format. If anyone else wants to submit, please do so, 2.0.0 is still pretty far out and nothing is finalized yet.
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