I spent most of today rewriting SAX, and here are two things I found lurking in the code.

The first bug involves link parsing: [[ a ]( https://example.com/a )]( https://example.com/b )

This is parsed like this:

Which of course shows up like this, which is obviously incorrect.

Discord does things... differently (earlier example with two actual links, this is the same bug)- this is probably what is intended by the user:

GitHub parses this in the way I would consider to be the most sensible:

The next bug involves inconsistent parsing of the /me command. If you say a message starting with /me that doesn't have a space immediately after the me, ex. /meep, the /me is passed through and removed from the message shown to the user (as if it was a proper me command), though it is not formatted as such:

/meep produces:

Just so that I'm not responsible for an influx of a billion people abusing/spamming these, I'll note that previous abuse of our nice things has resulted in the loss of our nice things :)
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