With our team-based exploration challenge completed and judges' decisions finalized, it is time to share the results!

As a reminder of the scoring format, here is the relevant section of the rules:
All judging criteria are scored out of ten and then summed for a total score. We will consider language and platform restraints.

  • Originality: How novel and interesting the core ideas for your game are, including implementation details and platform.
  • Style: How well the game is implemented visually.
  • Theme: How well the game fits the theme of exploring the wilderness.
  • Code Quality: How well the game is implemented. This is a combination of readability, speed, documentation, and optimization.
  • Enjoyability: How much we liked playing the game, in general.

The judges were impressed with different parts of every program submitted, and we commend each entrant for their submission.

In third place, we have Choose Your Own Adventure from RoccoLox Programs and Schizal, with a score of 31 points. The judges really liked the stories and the game was fairly well executed for a homescreen text adventure.

In second place, we have Gunner: Prehistoric CE from epsilon5 and EverydayCode that scored 36 points. The game's edge-of-your-seat gameplay wowed the judges, and I particularly appreciated the stats menu.

In first place, with a score of 39 points, is Rogue Forest by Iambian and geekboy1011. We were impressed with the smooth movement and fancy graphics, and it fit the theme very well even though the gameplay was lacking in this early build.

CC24 userbars will be handed out to both members of all of the teams. I sent Kerm a PM with them- once they are approved and given fancy links, I will post them here.

Additionally, all entrants will receive a score sheet in their Cemetech PMs inbox, with a detailed score breakdown and remarks from all of the judges. Clear out some space in your inbox for it if you do not have any :)
Congratulations guys, fantastic work!

And well done cemetech for running another successful contest.
Here are the userbars! Thank you to comic (and presumably Tari) for getting them up quickly.



I'm really looking forward to be able to play the text adventure!
I hope it will be released soon!
And the other programs look cool too!
Well done everyone! The games looks fantastic and I can't wait to try them out!
Congrats everyone!
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