CalcMax wrote:
This is the last post on this topic I will make till 2020, and I may persuade elfprince13 to bribe Kerm with some asm goodies in order to get him to wipe this topic off cemetech.

With all due respect dude... this thread has to be a joke. You come onto here... a forum full of computer scientists and experts in this hardware and make exorbitant claims, start setting "rules" about the thread as though you, and not Cemetech staff, own the place, and refuse to produce any sort of evidence back up your claims. We in the world of science have a pretty universal rule... claims without evidence are lies. The community can produce millions of different documentations by the manufacturers, distributors, speedtests, etc showing the upper clock-rate of the CPU chipset. You claim to be able to do something known to be impossible and refuse to show evidence of it. Only people who know they are lying act like that.
For a second I actually checked to see if the first post was April Fools, but it wasn't Razz
Honestly, if there is any doubt that this thread isn't a joke then the people who think it could be possible are making claims about as silly as CalcMax's were then.
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