*Quick Update*

I don't have time to fully get the engine working (added sprite went super slow) by the deadline so we use a tilemap type system for now.

The menu is done!!!

*aside from a few misplaced text. the menu is ready to go!*

other than that the (demo) version will be completed soon. Smile

Turn out the slowness was caused by a bug Razz

I fixed it!!
Quick Update:

sorry for tash screenie

So the bug has been fixed turns out CE does not like negative floats so I switched to "int" for some variables.
So we will still be using the 2.5D engine... There is in fact a few things we need to do such as "ZMapping" to help with the layering of each object (current bug in Screenshot).

After that, we can get started on the fun stuff. such as floor tile animating, enemies, and building Smile
wow this is really good!
Shak0579 Has dropped out of the contest making us unable to compete in the contest.
This brings us to the end of the production of PLR.

The Project was moving fine till the engine has some issues such as layering, speed(making it unplayable) and etc. The engine could not handle the sprite decompressing over and over again (ofc I could have freed the buffer sprite).

The game idea was good but it had set back limitations.

"we will be providing missing screenshots to the post above"

Here is the current engine:

*Imagine zombies moving ... It would have been unplayable*
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