I just got a TI84 CE-T Plus Python Edition, but have problem with uploading a python program to the calculator.

When i try to upload my python program, that i wrote on my compuoter(test.py) in TI Connect CE, i only get an error message "one or more files was invalid and could not be sent to the calculator".

I cant really find any information about this, and the manual doesnt say anything about what to do either. It seams that

Is there any pre requesits to uploading an python app i wrote in a editor on my computer? THe manual only says that i should "validate" my program in "TI-Python Experience", i cant find any program called that though...
Try this: https://education.ti.com/html/webhelp/EG_TI84PlusCE-T/ES/content/eg_pythonappprog/m_whatsnew/v5.5.0/whats_new_v5.5.0.HTML
It has info on the python edition calcs and how to send files.
I have the same problem, but the website doesnt exist anymore, i want to edit on pc since its easyer.
Make sure you have the latest TI-Connect CE version. Then you should be able to drag'n'drop a .py file and it will convert it to an .8xv on the fly.

See https://education.ti.com/html/webhelp/EG_TI84PlusCEPY/EN/content/eg_splash_page/ti-progpythoneg.HTML

It's also explained more in depth in ti connect's pdf manual, page 20/24: https://education.ti.com/-/media/9A6A30E6D3004AA1A208CE7816433439#page24
and if i want to convert .8xv -> .py?
Please read the pdf I linked, it's also explained - TI Connect CE does that too.
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