Deep breaths, swivel, I know I got ya. Smile I might as well leave this open for now, no need to close it.
Laughing Lolz, Thanks Kerm, heehee. Laughing
Now that I'm thinking about it, I probably should have copied the pix to my own server to make it more believable.
Copied the pix to your own server to make it more believable? Brilliant!

Guinness Beer.
the reason I didn't was that I didn't want to steal his possibly copyrighted
Laughing I was trying to immitate the......those commercials with the old black and white guys, its a beer commercial. Guinness Beer.
oh, ok. I wasn't sure if you were being sarcastic or not in that post.
You should watch those, alot of the times people will change the channel on commercials, but those are the best ones.
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