I'm building a diy GSM module with PlutoSDR, and I was wondering how far it can transceive at.
With no external hardware (LNA/PA/Duplexer) you might get 50 to 100 yards.
DUDE. WOW. Okay. That's quite a lot more than the BladeRF x40! Not like it's a bad thing, though. Shock What about with additional hardware, like TX and RX low noise amplifiers?
Which side of the GSM connection are you trying to build with the PlutoSDR? A UE or a BTS?
GSM is limited to ~ 40 km(?) of range via protocol timing limits. This is dependent on what's between the two antennas. for 40 km, you'd need a BTS antenna at 100m and a UE antenna that's line of sight, so flat terrain and no trees between the two.
Okay thanks.
You'd also need a license to transmit that kind of power on those frequencies. If you jam someones cellphone, unpleasant things can happen to you, so keep it to 50 yards.....
Alrighty, I'll keep that in mind.
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