Whenever I edit a message, I wonder whether the new count is taken into account in my total word count. I recently finally tested it, and it's not.

When a post is made, the count is added, but never changed after that.
Say I made the post
LogicalJoe wrote:
Your code needs some work…
That would place my word count at 5 words.
But later I edit it to say:
LogicalJoe wrote:
Your code needs some work…. For example…
Which has more than five words, but I only get "credit" for the original five.

As it's posting it should take the old post, subtract it from the word count and then add the new word count. I realize that could cause a bit of spam in an attempt to bring word counts up, but personally, I'd like to see it as I tend to constantly edit posts with code in them.

Edit: Unrelated, but when searching for posts by a particular user, could there be a "Jump to post" button or a secondary screen showing all the posts in a thread by a particular user to jump to? For example, I posted in Introduce Yourself! But I have to go through a hundred pages to find my post.
These are both things that make sense, but are probably infeasible to implement right now. I expect they'd certainly be supported in cemetech7's incarnation of the forum, but that's some time away yet.

Perhaps not as far away as you might fear, though.
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