Hello everyone!
I know it's been a few years, but I have some news.

I finally got into the Air Force!
Unfortunately, this means I wont be able to post for at least a few years so I wanted to say a proper goodbye.

This community is wonderful, and I'm proud to have been a part of it and to have made a (very small) contribution to it.

I will try my best to come back and be active at some point in the next years, but until then.....

Good luck everyone! And don't forget to keep it interesting.

That's great news and we look forward to when you return.
Congrats on your achievement! That's excellent news. We'll see you around, and don't forget to come back some time!
Have fun in the Air Force! It's a shame you wont be around here, but I congratulate you on achieving entry and I look forward to your return!

What do you mean you've only made a small contribution?
You've made 672 posts containing 28,801 words; you're the 10th busiest author with 22 files, with 95641 downloads and the 6th most downloaded author. I'd say that's quite a big impact Wink
Good luck in the Air Force!

The Air Force is a dream of mine as well. Although I never really knew you, I look forward to your return and to hearing all about your experiences!

P.S: I dont know if you were going enlisted or through the Air Force Academy or officers route, but you have got to give me pointers after you return Very Happy.
Sucks that you won't be around for a while, but congrats on the achievement! Very Happy See you in a few years!
As an AFJROTC cadet myself, good luck! What job are you doing in the AF?
Are you going to be working at the Stargate program? Razz Good luck with this next stage if your journey, and it's been a pleasure having you here at Cemetech.
Congratulations! The armed forces has provided plenty of stories and friends to those I know. I hope you share photos and stories when you return Smile
You'll be back!

It's been a while, but I successfully did it! I am now in the military!
Which means I'm back.

Unfortunately, no photos. But I have plenty of stories.
Wow. You should make a forum on your stories, or post them on youtube or something. I am glad that you made it and that you are back. Does this mean that you are going to make a 23rd file to put in the archives and get 50k more downloads? Razz
Congratulations and welcome back! I look forward to seeing some of your stories!
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