It came to me in our 3D Printing discord channel that we could have a section in our downloads for STLs.
I'm down for a section for 3D printing.
I don't own a 3D Printer yet (My dad's budget is <=$99), but sounds cool!
I would like that, though I am not good at 3d design, I would love to see what others have made!
SM84CE wrote:
I don't own a 3D Printer yet (My dad's budget is <=$99), but sounds cool!

There happens to be a 99$ 3d printer:
That sounds like a wonderful idea! I've made a few things before but would be interested in seeing what other people have made (I was surfing though the downloads pages last week and felt like there should be a 3D model section). I really hope to see this in the future!
I would definitely post to that... it would be helpful because often I post to other sites and it feels like my models just float into the void until some random nub finds them and uses them without adhering to the license... It would be nice to post my models to an audience I (at least somewhat) know.

** Since 3d models are more protect-able intellectual property, it would be great if you would have the option to display a license on the downloads page, in the chance that this becomes a reality **
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