Extensions with .md should be readable in the download previews. I don't care if the same .txt parser is used.
Here's the same post if Alex wrote it:

What is the issue?
Currently, many programs in the archive have preview links in the downloads section that allow for one to click on the link and preview the contents. This enables a user to preview a readme for a particular program, or to observe how a source file behaves. The current problem I am facing is that Markdown files (you can read more about them here, are not currently supported for preview.

What does this mean?
As a developer, if I keep source files on sites such as Github (link here), I usually use markdown in my readmes in order to make it look nice when the user is previewing it from their browser. Markdown enables me to have a professional looking readme that is also readable by any available text viewer, and the formatting nicely complements it.

Where is this issue?
I have attached a few screenshots showcasing the particular problem. This first one here shows a text image preview:

And this image here shows the markdown one. Notice that there is no available hyperlink to preview it:

Current Suggestions
As a Cemetech user, I suggest implementing it as the simple text parser, as markdown styling probably isn't needed. However, depending on how feature-full you wish to make it, it could eventually become a full-fledged markdown previewer that is shown when you click on the link. However, I feel like this is too much overkill, and thus should be taken with a grain of salt.

Moral Support
Thank you for supporting Cemetech by approving this change. I hope it can be implemented to help provide us with a mutual benefit.
I agree with this. .z80 should also be supported as a plaintext format.
Good news!

Thanks a bunch! This means I'll have to start uploading the .md readme for a project. I was converting it to HTML since some users won't be able to see the formatting in their favorite viewer, but I don't think it would be a good idea to preview those Razz
Sweet, thanks! Smile
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