How would you like to see Resources organized?
As it is now.
 8%  [ 1 ]
With separate sections clearly showing resources for Students, Teachers, and Programmers.
 58%  [ 7 ]
Linking to separate pages with resources for Students, Teachers, and Programmers.
 16%  [ 2 ]
Something else - I'll tell you in the topic.
 16%  [ 2 ]
Total Votes : 12

We have long tried to figure out the best strategy to make Cemetech's tools, resources, and documentation more accessible to audiences beyond our programmer colleagues. Various efforts there have included the Learn @ Cemetech wiki, our Tools page which later became the current Resources page, and of course the forum. For about two years, we have been pondering ways to centralize and organize these resources better. Now it is the turn of you, our valued Cemetechians, to help us with some decisions.

Have you ever seen our current Resources page? Please take a look at it, and let us know how well or poorly you think it's laid out for finding things. If the Resources page instead was organized by tools and documentation for teachers, students, and programmers, would you find that easier to navigate?
I think the one thing that's missing from the resources tab is a general guide for people who are new to calculator programming (basic instructions for sending programs between the computer and calc, basics about the difference between different calcs, etc). I think this would help a large part of the people who come to this site with no previous experience, as I would imagine this describes many people who come here.

Along with this, I think separate pages for students, teachers, etc. would help.
I like the idea of separate sections for programmers, students, and teachers because all the information on that page is still there, just in a more accessible format.
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