Today, February 14th, 2019, the Opportunity Mars rover died. It far exceeded it planned mission of 90 sols (Martian Days), but instead was active for 5352 sols, or over 15 earth years. It took 224,642 pictures and helped to further scientific knowledge of Mars. It will be missed by many.

Edit: Thanks MrWompWomp, I didn't notice that. Very Happy
f in the chat
RIP Opportunity, but it's also really crazy that it lasted this long.
Legoman314 wrote:
It took 224,642 and helped to further scientific knowledge of Mars.

Presumably the word "picture" should be thrown in there Razz
To be more specific, it "died" on June 10th last year due to a dust storm, they only stopped trying to communicate with it today.
I remember watching the Opportunity land! It's sad that a dust storm killed it. Sad
I'm glad they fixed the solar panel issue with Curiosity by using an RTG, long live Curiosity!
yeah... It will be missed.

Hopefully, one day, future Mars colonists will try and send it back to Earth to be put in a museum, only to find that Earth is packing up and getting ready to start globally warming Mars Razz

I agree with TLM: RTG's are the way to go with these missions, and should be the power source used on Mars colonies. Yes, they will need assembly, but if the entire unit was placed in a lander type thing, which landed on Mars and only needed ppl to remove a panel to plug things in, it might work... Up to the point where cold fusion reactors can fit in a backpack...
Sad to hear, but I'm glad we still have the curiosity rover! And one day I'm sure we'll be able to go over to Mars personally and dust off the ol' Opportunity.
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