Which one is better?
TI-84 Plus CE
 68%  [ 17 ]
TI-Nspire CX
 32%  [ 8 ]
Total Votes : 25

Hello. I would like an opinion on your opinion on what are the best/ worst graphing calcs.

Mine would be the TI-80 as the worst, it didn't have a link port and it's processor was radically different (but not in a good way) from any other TI graphing calcs.

My best would either be the HP Prime or TI-Nspire CX. They are both very good graphing calcs, with both of them having plenty of space to store programs, and the Hp Prime has a touchscreen. The TI Nspire CX, though, can run many complex programs.

The one that is probably the most hackable and moddable would be the Numworks calculator. The OS is open-source and it has Python. Storage space is a real problem though.

Which ones do you think are the best/worst?
The HP 50G and TI 89 Titanium are the best. I had a Casio, once, I don't remember the model but I thought it was pretty suckie.
My take
Best: TI-84 Plus CE

Worst: TI-84 Plus C Ag Edition
The best is the TI-89, of course.
The only graphing calculator I own is a TI-84+CE, and I love it, but the TI-Nspire CX and the Casio FX-CG50 also look amazing!
I'd like to throw in the TI-89 Titanium in the mix, also you could argue for the numworks calculator to be up there as well for obvious reasons (open source OS, good specs, supports python, exact math engine, free open source emulator to name a few)
I think the HP Prime G2 has the best specs available for any graphing calc right now, but its hard to recommend because I find the UI unintuitive (but that's probably just because I'm used to the 83/84 UI)
I think the "best" overall graphing calculator isn't really a thing though because it depends on what you plan on doing with it. You could argue that it being allowed on official exams is a good thing, but you could also argue that a qwerty keyboard and a CAS are good things. You could also argue that an active community is a good thing, in which case, the TI-84 plus CE wins hands down.
my main is the voyage 200 Graphing Calculator . qwerty and 68k....is godly Good Idea . Also flashmem Razz
I vote Nspire over CE, because 2D minecraft is already made for it. I am currently working on a 2D minecraft for ce. It's not near finished but its in the forum 3D MINECRAFT. Lol, I found 2D would be easier for ICE. TI 4EVER.
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