A friend of mine in college spilled Methylene Chloride onto her TI Nspire. Now the entire back is mottled and the reset button is completely covered in melted plastic. The calculator turns on, but an error "Could not recognize keyboard appears". Is there any procedure for repairing this calculator, or should she just buy a new one?
Well that doesn't sound good. Can she use an external keyboard via a USB adapter?
You may be able to better diagnose the calculator by opening it up using this guide on iFixit. Maybe there's something melted that you can still repair.
I dont know the properties of Methylene Chloride but maybe it has to be neutralize before manipulating the calculator with hands.
Maybe the keyboard connection has been touched by Methylene Chloride.
It will need a replacement (flat ribon ?)
Maybe a 3D print of the parts can replace the too dammaged parts. With a good polish technic and a good paint you can obtain something close to the original.
But according to the price of a calculator and the difficulty of these operations i think it's a better choice to sell it for parts and buy a new one.
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