Okay. Lets be real here. When is PT_ ever done with something and has no other projects? He always has something to do or something that needs to be done. I believe you mean whenever something else can be procrastinated and this can be pushed in is when it will get done Razz
This project is looking great! I can't wait to see it completed, I just hope PT_ can get his other work cleared out of the way so he can work on this.

BasicNote CE took 2 years of off and on progress, so I totally understand any delays on this Razz
I know you're kinda worried about the speed of the program, so I was thinking, (when the libraries are complete) could you possibly add support for multiple calculator processing? You could split the load of the game and do things that need to be responsive on the main calculator, offload a bunch of side logic on a second calculator. Since you're program is ASM, and the data transfer is much faster than what BASIC allows, would this be feasible? The only downside I see (if it is feasible) is you'd probably have to rewrite large sections of your program to accommodate for this.
I may steal permanently borrow my siblings CE if it's possible. Razz\
That may be feasible from a programming standpoint, but from a irl point, I think it would be an issue. Don't get me wrong, I am a calculator enthusiast just as much as the next guy. However, with CE's fetching $100 USD a pop, owning two is very infeasible for some (read: me). Perhaps if this was a legitimate concern, a option for multi calc processing could be added for those who do. However, speaking for those of us who were lucky to get one and want to use this project, I would like to see this attempt to remain a single calc program.
Or downgrade graphics resolution or FPS...?
Something something multiplayer Smile Connecting more than 2 calcs is not possible right now, sorry..
Arre you still working on this?
he is, just no posts... There is progress on the Github repo...
De2290 wrote:
Arre you still working on this?

Yes, but not very actively: https://github.com/PeterTillema/Age-Of-CEmpires-I/commits/master Smile
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