I'm trying to learn C. I have looked up a couple tutorials but wanted to hear it from the experts. I wanted to know if there is any specific program used to write and compile C, and if there are any good tutorials you'd like to recommend. There are so many out there and I have no idea what to trust. Very Happy thanks for helping out.
I am also learning C so I will point you to what I use. Please note I have stoped learning C so someone may have better resources than mine.

Editor: Notepad++
I like the syntax highlighting aspect and it is well supported so others can help you.

Compiler: The 84+CE Toolchain
I am not sure if you are learning C to program the 84+CE with, or for PC, but I use the C toolchain. For PC, C compiling, I will leave that for others to suggest. The C tools (for the 84PCE), can be fou d here. You need to install the toolchain on PC, and send the clibs to the calc (or CEmu). Follow the docs for more info.

Tutorial: learn-c
I found this free website to be useful for me. I did not spend alot of time on C, but I used this site and it helped me. It has a compiler to test code as well

Hope this helps and good luck!
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