Long ago, there was a man. Or rather a boy, he was back then. A boy with ambitions greater than what he could ever fulfill. One such ambition was a worldwide event, for all to see. It was a mystery waiting to be solved, adventures waiting to be had. It would be the greatest hunt this world had ever seen. Without much planning or thought, he picked a few locations and started building. He built for weeks, scavenging the materials, excavating large areas, all right below the surface, with no one the wiser. Then troublesome times came in another life, and the boy couldn't continue his work. Months passed, people were excited about the adventure, asking him how it was going. The excitement lessened over time, people stopped asking, and the boy ran out of motivation. Years passed and the dungeons remained as they were left, never to be completed.

The boy, having grown to become a man, sees the end of this world nearing, and fears his ancient structures will never see the light of day. He presents you with the clues he found on his old hard drive, and challenges you to find his work and complete the tasks within.

Thrice combine the location you seek and you shall find 1626379776. This holds for all dungeons.

One of the locations you may find will lie in the desert. Do not go there, for it is empty. The ambition of the boy lasted to build two dungeons, but the third he never started.

In these dungeons you may find puzzles. These are meant to be completed alone.

No blocks are to be placed or broken, you may bring tools and weapons, as these may be needed to solve some of the puzzles.

I hope you enjoy this ancient adventure, that my work back then was not in vain. Smile

The boy will now return to his studies, for there are more troublesome times ahead.
I converted the clue into coordinates, dug straight down, and fell into one of _iPhoenix_'s tunnels. There were no signs posted there, so I am glad I didn't just assume it was actually the dungeon and start taking loot.

Obviously I interpreted the clue wrong...
You should only have to dig about 1 to 4 blocks, they're right below the surface
The first hint may have been a bit complex, but I'm sure you guys can figure it out with a bit of imagination Smile
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