What is the best completed project of March 2018?
3D-Printable Model Rocket
 27%  [ 3 ]
 63%  [ 7 ]
Yet another Snake
 9%  [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 11

The last article I've written was the summary of the Projects of the Month in March 2017, so it seems only fitting to pitch in with the one for March 2018. Smile I would also like to use this occasion to say sorry for neglecting this work for a year's worth of projects and thank Michael2_3B, _iPhoenix_ and PT_ (so many underscores!) for taking it over meanwhile. There is now much more organization and structure to PotM summary writing, so we should be able to handle it much better as a team now! Smile

So, let's have a look:

  • BasicNote CE: Michael2_3B's port of his own earlier monochrome version of BasicNote has seen some major progress, including scrolling and multipage support. It is amazing how a TI-Basic program can seriously compete with similar Assembly programs, and we can't wait to see further refinements and progress!
  • Calcumon Pi: Just in time to be featured as a March project, new Cemetechian Flyer_95 greeted us with his own shot at a Pokemon-style game for the monochrome calculators. Of course, as you would expect from a calculator game, the creatures are math-themed, which adds its own, very special flavour to this game.
  • Columns CE: Iambian decided to bring one of the arcade classics, Columns, to the TI-84 CE. The thread features a screenshot of really shiny graphics with fully functional gameplay. The game is almost ready for a release, and there is really not much more to say about it, except that you don't want to miss it.
  • 3D-Printable Model Rocket: 3D-Printing seems to be the next "big thing" in the industry, and, in full spirit of this, Botboy3000, who is known at Cemetech for his excellent hardware tinkering, started a new project to create a fully-printable model rocket. If you like flying things and lots of BOOM! as much as I do, this is one you should be watching really closely!
  • Pi84--: Going by the mantra "Build your own Linux-powered TI-84+ calculator!", this extremely interesting project by Muessigb attempts to not only indistinguishably recreate a TI-84+, but also to give anyone the possibility to reproduce it! If you somehow have an empty case for a TI-84+, or a dead calculator of this model, and want to revive it while on a budget, look no more, as you have found your project!
  • Self-Defined Object System: shkaboinka continued work on their language which aims to provide an entirely, never before seen way of programming. The project is large and complex, so updates on it are provided understandably slowly. Nevertheless, its rich history, dating back to 2015, helps make this a really interesting read, and we can't wait to see the eventual completion.
  • TheButton: _iPhoenix_ created a browser game which is all about pressing TheButton! Your goal is to be the last one to have pressed it, and if you remain in this position for long enough, you may reach the high score list! In addition to the fun of the game itself, the thread is an interesting read, as it provides insights in what security issues and similar problems are to be solved when making a browser game.
  • Boxman Arcade Cabinet!: Botboy3000 continued working on his arcade cabinet through March. He needs some help with art for the side panels, though, so if you are an artist, you should have a look and do something awesome! And even if not, the thread is an interesting read and has lots of nice eye-candy!
  • C SDK and Libraries for the TI84+CE/TI83PCE: This project is so well-known, that there is really not much to say anymore. MateoConLechuga released a new update, and it is just nice to see such a project being maintained for longer times. And the update is one you don't want to miss!
  • Gateway to Legend: One of the bigger desktop application RPGs on Cemetech has seen some progress! 123outerme implemented many things and provided an amazing demo video for all of you RPG lovers to see!
  • HD picture viewer [ICE] [TI-84 Plus CE]: This powerful tool lets you view images on your CE calculator in extra quality! TheLastMillennial resumed work after some difficulties and got the project back on track. We can't wait to see further progress!
  • [TI-83] Yet another Snake: New Cemetechian jw0k greeted us with his implementation of the classic arcade game for the TI-83! It is especially noteworthy because of its clean look and the fact that it is implemented in Assembly, which greatly contributes to its quality. The thread has a link to the GitHub repository, which contains the program and some nice screenshots!

Well, that's it for now. March was an interesting and busy month, and it is this amazing community whom you have to blame for that. Even if your project was not chosen to be featured here, you have contributed and made this place a more interesting place. Thanks! Smile
I'm glad that the POTM are almost caught up! I can only imagine how hard it is to go back and ignore everything that happened recently, and just talk about what projects were active months ago. I'm sure everyone's glad that we're on March now!

Just one nitpick: Gateway to Legend isn't a CE game, it's a PC game. I know the graphic style and my own history with calculator RPGs didn't make it easy to tell, but I didn't want to mislead anyone who visits my topic Smile Thanks for featuring me!
Thanks for helping us out with this, Nik! I really liked the 3D-printable model rocket, but I guess TheButton is also good too Smile

Also, I appreciate how you said my project could compete with similar assembly programs. TI-Basic may be slower, but I promise the project will still be as best as I can make it, and will be successful!(unlike the monochrome version, which ultimately failed)
123outerme wrote:
Just one nitpick: Gateway to Legend isn't a CE game, it's a PC game.

Woops, I am terribly sorry for this. Now, that's embarrassing, I must have been too tired for this when I wrote the article. Fixed it now.
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