So I got the thing where whenever you try to look somewhere else you are forced to look back and whenever you move you are shot back to where you were. I was in my base and as soon as I logged in this happened to me. I couldn't do anything so I logged off and logged in again without Optifine on, so everything was completely vanilla. The same issue was still there. I couldn't teleport. I threw an enderpearl and suffocated in a wall, losing a full set of enchanted diamond gear and an elytra. When I respawned, I was stuck in the same way in spawn, and still cannot move (still stuck as of now). Because the issue persisted when I respawned, I think this is server side. Can an admin look into this? I'm mad I lost all that gear for no apparent reason.

EDIT: I don't have video of me dying but I do have video of the error persisting at spawn. Taken on my phone, sorry for the low quality.
Towny errored out and is locked in safe mode. If either of the admins become available to look at it, they'll get it straightened out.
This issue has been resolved. Good Idea
Thank you admins! I just got on and my gear had not despawned yet, so I am all set.
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