What is the best completed project of March 2017?
Boxman C
 0%  [ 0 ]
Kerbal Space Program USB Control Panel
 75%  [ 3 ]
 25%  [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 4

After winning all forum contests and achieving a position in the Guinness World Records for the longest delay of Projects of the Month articles, we wish to detain you no longer. Razz

On a more serious note, we are sorry for neglecting this duty for such a long time. Cemetech founder KermMartian has now written a small utility which should greatly simplify the writing process, and we hope to deliver the articles in time from now on.

So let's go on the ride and try to catch up with you insanely fast guys creating new projects!

  • Boxman C: Botboy3000 has finally submitted his Boxman port for the TI-84+ CE to the Cemetech File Archives. It was finished for some time, but eventually fogotten and never uploaded. While he was not technically working on the project, it is still mentioned here to participiate in the poll for the best project of the month. Besides, it is an awesome game, so please check it out if you haven't already!

  • Jumpman: Another project which has been around for forever was completed in March: Ranman's TI-89 port of the game Jumpan. He was working on many levels for the fun platformer, and posted screenshots of all but the last one. If you're one of the (unfortunately) few TI-89 owners and as curious as I am about this, you should definitely have a look at it!

  • Kerbal Space Program USB Control Panel: Once again, Botboy3000 has shown himself to be one of the most active hardware hackers at Cemetech. By scrapping some old parts, including an old USB keyboard, he created a hardware control panel for the rocketry sandbox game Kerbal Space Program. He posted a cool image and some details about the project. Take a look at the topic, you won't regret it!

  • StopwatchCE: Just in time to be featured in this March article, a relatively new member of our community, kotu, shared a very clean-looking, and, more importantly, accurate stopwatch program for the TI-84+ CE. If you occasionally have to measure some time and a proper stopwatch is not on hand, you will be glad to have this program!

  • Subtransit: Black Phoenix and his team continued the work on their unbelievably detailed train simulator for PC platorms. Visit the thread to see some amazing teasers, or, if that is what you like more, technical implementation details!

  • SuperOP: Battlesquid made progress with his port his port of Clash Royale for the monochrome TI calculator series. There is a whole checklist of "Done's" and "To-do's" in the topic. If you can pitch in with some help, feel free to do so! Other than that, with some patience you will soon see the final result!

  • Project Builder: Adriweb kept us up to date on the progress of the amazing programming tool hosted by TI-Planet. Click on that topic link for screenshots and changelogs!

  • Zombies: This first person shooter by calcnerd_CEP_D has been continued throughout March. There were problems found and solved, and overall a whole bunch of things finished. We can't wait to see this project finished!

  • Sorcery of Uvutu: At this point, 123outerme's RPG for the monochrome TI calculators with a very long and rich history, was neraly completed. 123outerme asked for help porting some levels and would be glad if you could lend a hand. And even if not, this is a very cool project and we are eager to try it out!

  • Pirate Space Kitties: No matter how silly this project is named, the coding and work behind it is very serious! This platformer, somewhat reminiscent of Oiram, was initially developed for a contest, but eventually became a standalone project for the TI-84 CSE calculators. There are some very nice screenshots which you do not want to miss!

Thanks for another awesome month with all of you, Cemetechians! March was very busy and we had a hard time picking the projects for this article, for the competition was very serious. So please forgive us if your project was not featured here - it will be in April's article for sure!
We would like to apologize once more. Due to some technical problems, this post was never actually featured as a news article, and many people missed the poll. We now corrected our mistake and re-opened the poll for another week. Happy voting!
Um, Poke: April, May, June, July, August, September, and October?
Why not combine them all into one poll if separate ones are too many?
I'd be happy to help if I can! Smile
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