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Those of you who occasionally hang out on various IRC channels will probably have come across some that use an IRC bot to pass on messages to people who are offline, or provide information on when a person was last seen, etc..

The basic idea is that such a thing would be useful to #Cemetech too, because it happens fairly often that one has to chase after someone else to tell them something and similar things. We do have PMs and SAX PMs, and we can simply highlight people when they are away from keyboard, however, the gap between those two options is pretty large. When PMs are just too over-elaborate and the person is not currently connected to the IRC channel, this option would come in handy.

There are open source implementations of such bots available, and I am ready to implement one from scratch or expand one of the available options to incorporate missing functionality and support saxjax. It would then be hosted on Cemetech, so the technical part should not be a problem.

Now, the question is, do you support such a thing? If you do, what functionality would you like to see that would fit this category? I currently think of passing messages and providing "last seen" information.
I don't think it'd be a new bot, you'd just be reintroducing a bot that was removed a long time ago. I can't find the topic now, but SAX use to support !whereis <username> as seen in the right image here.
Here is an old topic that shows a bunch of other commands that were also discontinued.
I think the command should be as follows:
(I’m using ‘/‘ as a placeholder)
Syntax: /seen <username>

If the user is hidden:
- “<username> doesn’t want to be seen, but their last message on SAX/IRC was at <d:m:y h:m:s>“

If the user is online:
- “<username> is currently online!”

If the user is not online:
- “<username> was last active on SAX/IRC at <d:m:y h:m:s>”

Users can opt to be hidden:
- /seen toggle

If possible, the usernames should be tied to the karma system, as that reduces hassle.

(This is just my speculation about what a system could look like)
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