I'm looking to make my own website. I have no web design experience, although I am decent in other languages (java and c++). I'm looking for somewhere to buy/host a site that will be cost efficient, first in foremost. I'd preferably like to see a price less than 50$ a year. Because I have no experience in web design, I'd also like something user friendly (but not like weebly drag-and-drop). Any suggestions?

I put this forumn post in this section because it seemed like the best fit, sorry it isn't completely relevant.
If you're a student, apply for the GitHub Student Pack and you get a free .me domain from Namecheap. If you cannot apply, you can just buy a domain, probably from Namecheap; most unclaimed domains cost around $10 a year. On top of this, anyone can host a static website using GitHub Pages. A static website is one that does not use PHP or any special server-side scripts to deliver a page to a user.
Domains are easy and basically fungible, so I won't bother writing anything about that. Just choose a registrar and domain and go.

Hosting is more interesting. Provided you're interested in doing some learning, you can quite easily host a low-traffic site for free on Google Cloud.

For a totally static site or dynamic one that you write yourself (since you need to use some platform-specific APIs) App Engine is good, and if you don't mind administering a machine yourself you can do literally anything (within reason) on Compute Engine because you literally get a VM with 30GB of disk and 512MB of RAM. The free tier for both App and Compute Engines will cover running continuously, so the only expense you might incur is data transfer (on the order of $0.10 per gigabyte after the first), but that's not likely to be significant for your uses.

AWS also have free offerings, but EC2 instances are only free for your first year and they don't appear to have anything similar to App Engine.

If you choose to try running a server yourself, there should be no shortage of reasonably simple guides for common tasks. One good resource might be this guide published on Ars Technica, or Digital Ocean's tutorials tend to be sufficiently informative.
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