_player1537 wrote:
Haha, that looks like great fun! I'd liked the "Blackbird" (It's the Batman Rocket Very Happy). I thought this was going to be about Portal 2 at first Razz

No...it's the SR-71 Blackbird.

souvik1997 wrote:
Hahaha, very nice video! Very Happy I loved it.

Thanks =) Merth and I spent quite some time editing it.

DShiznit wrote:
You should have announced this, me and my dad would have come out and launched our rockets. In fact my dad launched small animals in rockets before anyone here was born, so we've already beat you to manned spaceflight. We never thought to launch a calculator though. Golf-balls, yes, army men on parachutes, yes, but never calculators. We should 1up you guys and actually launch one with some kind of data gathering package like an accelerometer or a barometer. Now that I think about it, if you guys could put together the hardware and software package, my dad has the 30+ years of experience needed to make it fly. We could even bring our massive G-engine Viking rocket out of mothballs for this, which could actually hold several TI-83/84 series calculators in it's payload compartment...

My dad + uncles did a lot of model rocketry back in the day - even had some that deployed cameras and multi-stage rockets and cool things like that, but neither they nor I ever really got into the >D sorts of rockets (though I was always envious of the F-powered X-Wings in the Estes catalog). Unfortunately CATOs become a lot more common at that scale.

DShiznit wrote:

Forgive the lack of audio, Youtube are being copyright Nazis. I'll re-up the original to Vimeo or some place later.

Nice =)
Now, you guys just need to mount rocket boosters on your calculators and use CALCnet to ground networking to steer it. As if that'll ever happen...
ACagliano wrote:
Now, you guys just need to mount rocket boosters on your calculators and use CALCnet to ground networking to steer it. As if that'll ever happen...
I think this is where I'm supposed to say something like "Challenge accepted!".
Either that or "Try it on your own first". lol
Hanging out with Shaun/Merth this past weekend reminded me that the Cemetech Space Program is a thing. You should all be aware of the Cemetech Space Program.
Whoa! My friends and I also launched off model rockets! We used home-made solid rocket engines and got around ~100ft.

We also set my yard on fire.

EDIT: maybe I should clarify that we didn't intentionally set my yard on fire, the rocket exploded and set it on fire.
Drewster and I have had plans to fly a brick (into the face of aerodynamics, get it?), but we never got around to actually doing it.

I have launched model rockets, the highest I ever got looked to be about 200 feet, but I didn't have the luxury of 2 cameras to calculate it precisely.
Last time i launched a rocket it kinda did a loopty-loop and crashed; i have it on video Very Happy
Alex wrote:
When will the data be made available to the public?

As much as I would love to get my hands on this data still, I believe you guys should relaunch with a TI-84+CE so we can get more accurate data to science with.
Now, this is some real business! Razz Let me know if I can participate in any way in the next project, I'm in if it is possible! Smile
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