Now that Cemetech Contest 20: Transit Time has ended, it is time to announce the prize winners.

As you may know, the contest was divided into three parts: land, water, and air (or space). Contestants were challenged to create programs related to transport on or through these media. Overall, this six-week challenge resulted in the making of twenty new programs, most of which are available for download in the Cemetech Archives. I would like to give special congratulations to dankcalculatorbro, Iambian, _iPhoenix_, and OldNewTimer, all of whom created a program for each of the three categories.

At the conclusion of each two-week contest segment, Cemetech members were asked to select their favorite entry for that category. The results of these polls decided the winner for each category:

Land: commandblockguy, with Taxi Simulator

Water: Iambian, with 20,000 Loon Under the Sea

Air: OldNewTimer, with The Plain Plane Game

Each of these contestants will receive a $10 Steam credit (or equivalent).

After painstakingly reviewing the entries submitted, the grand prize winner has also been selected. I am pleased to announce that the overall quality and entertaining gameplay presented by Iambian's loony games has earned him top honors in this contest. Along with Land Loons and 20,000 Loons Under the Sea, I have greatly enjoyed playing Loonar Lander, where the operator attempts to carefully land on the moon without malfunctioning.

In the way of prizes, Iambian will be receiving a commemorative CC20 plaque, and an additional $20 Steam gift card (for a total of $30).

In addition to the programs listed above, other notable entries include:
Escape The Buoy! by OldNewTimer
Calculator Controlled Boat using ArTICL by deuteriumoxide
Electric Circuit by PT_
Plane Mania! by _iPhoenix_

I sincerely hope that everyone who participated in the contest had a good time and an educational experience, and I look forward to administering more Cemetech contests in the future.
Congratulation to all the contestants! Nice to see some cool and quality programs come out of this contest.
Awesome! Great work by all the participants! I don't think I've tried the Land Loons yet, so I will have to try that sometime soon =)
Congratulations Iambian, you really deserve it!
Great job everybody! Your entries were spectacular.
Congratulations, everyone! I was incredibly impressed by the entries we got for this contest; I think they were among the best we have ever gotten for a contest, and that's particularly noteworthy considering that the contest took place during the summer. Keep up the superb work. Also, please join me in thanking jonbush for his absolutely tireless work putting this and all of our recent contests together.
Good job everyone! Your entries deserved to win! Very Happy
Congratulations, all! These entries look superb Smile
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