So it's been a while since I've declared my photolithographic 3D printer project a dud, but I have received some money from working my summer job and I am willing to spend no more than $500 of it on a 3D printer.
I've mainly been looking at different ones on Amazon and more specifically their customer reviews, but I would like some input from the technical community before I make the commitment.
I am looking for one that has at least a 7"x7"x7" print volume, and I have no preference over build it yourself or ready out of the box.
Any advice or suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thanks everybody!
My only advice is what not to get: A Zentoolworks 3d printer. It's been a pain to build at our school, and has over 5 years of work being put into it
I think I missed when you called it a dud, unfortunately; you should updated your topic with more information. I suspect that geekboy, BrandonW, Jonimus, and I might all recommend the Da Vinci XYZ printer, which we got for $400.
Lately I've been looking at this printer because It meets my requirements and has (granted only 5) good reviews on amazon. Are there others that you'd recommend instead of this?
The Monoprice 3D printers seem to be well reviewed, well supported by Cura and Slic3r and seem a bit more rigid than the extrusion based printer you just linked:

Hackaday has done a few reviews of the different models they offer and they appear to be in your price range so it might be worth checking out.

The Da Vinci XYZ wasn't bad but getting good prints out of it seems to be more fiddly where the monoprice printers appear to just work out of the box hence my suggestion to look into those.
I looked at those per your request
This one in particular seems to fit all my requirements, and I, too, have heard good things about these printers. Thanks for the suggestion!
Agree that the Monoprice ones seem to be a good choice when you're on a budget. I've worked with some Wanhao Duplicator i3s which the Monoprice models are based on and they're alright devices. Somewhat fiddlier and less reliable than the nearby Lulzbot TAZ 5 I've worked with, but much easier to fit in your budget.
So the previously mentioned Monoprice Maker Select Plus is looking pretty plausible at this point with two reputable Cemetech users suggesting it Razz Thanks for the input, guys! Still though, that's only two suggestions and I definitely want to make the best decision possible here.
Ok so it would be great if I could get just a little more input but if nobody replies in the next week I will probably be buying the Monoprice Maker Select Plus 3D printer per 2 requests so far.
Because I haven't had a chance to do the post I wanted to I will just leave this here. I would not actually recommend the davinci. It is a great printer for the price, no arguments there, it just works. However to get the most out of it it requires modifications and adjustments that are not officially supported, Which make it almost a chore to use. I think my biggest groan with it is it is enclosed. Doing any kind of work on it is a pain because you have no access to it. The mono price printer looks nice but I have no input on it from lack of experience with it Sad
That's an excellent point about enclosed printers. And generally they are more expensive just for the fact that they are ready out of the box.
Ok so last night I thought it over and did buy the Monoprice printer. The reason was because it was 10% off on amazon and I didn't want to miss the deal, but with multiple reputable cemetech users suggesting it I was very comfortable with the purchase. So, it should be here Tuesday or Wednesday depending on if Prime shipping actually works, and that'll be that! Thanks for all the input, guys, and I'll be giving updates in a separate thread once it arrives! Smile
Prime shipping works great; I ordered practically a whole crate of books and I got it within 2 days.
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