CalcMax wrote:

You would essentially be making a completely separate game at that point... There are surely other versions of Minesweeper for monochrome calculators already, so I suggest looking around for them if you want to play Minesweeper.
Here's one I used to play.
Will get when i can, thanks!
I have a problem. I transport the Minesweeper file to the TI Connect CE and try the program only to be shown the message "Error: Syntax". I compare the description of the file compared to the description of a working file that I already have, Snake. The Snake one says "Program" and the Minesweeper one says "Protected Program". I'm not sure if this has anything to do with it. How do I fix this?
Do Asm(pgmMINES
When I enter Asm(pgmMINES), I get "Need LibLoad" ?
Got it! Found the right libraries.
Download all the c libraries found here
when I run "Asm(prgmMINES)" it says i'm missing GRAPHC, and i have GRAPHX, if that matters. how can i fix it?
Try re-downloading all libraries from here, send them to your calculator, then try to run the program again.
I already tried that five times, But i tried it again anyway. Still no luck. Is GRAPHC the same as GRAPHX? and it's just looking for the wrong file?
I have uploaded a new version to the archives. This version fixes an issue with the description, and rebuilds it using the modern tool chain.



I do plan on making a v1.4 at some point with the following improvements:
1) Saving
2) Repeat button input
3) Timer
4) Leaderboard for each difficulty setting
5) A "custom" difficulty setting
I have released a new version today. Updates:

Game timer
Save board on exit
Debouncing code implemented
Some graphical polish pulled in from other games of mine



Nicely done! I like the new obnoxious text on the main menu screen.
epsilon5 wrote:
Nicely done! I like the new obnoxious text on the main menu screen.

0x5 that's one way to put it Very Happy

Awesome work Merth!
Started working on high scores. This table gets read from an appvar, or if it's not there, it'll default. Here's how the title screen looks now:

I also adjusted the timer to be half-seconds instead of seconds. I'm able to beat expert in 266, so I might end up going quarter seconds:

If it's quarter seconds, that's still 273 minutes max that I can fix in the variable.
I like this addition and I'm excited to try it out! Some of those template highscore names look familiar Wink

It would be interesting to incorporate a win streak or efficiency score (efficiency being the number of clicks for the "most efficient" solution over how many clicks the player took) as well, though I'm not sure how feasible adding that would be. Either way, great work!
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