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The idea occurred to me earlier when someone asked if any events were happening today, but maybe it might be a decent idea to create an RSS feed or an app that server users could subscribe to to find out when server events are, and people who run events such as myself or Rivereye could post into, indicating day and time and location.

I would be happy to create one, as I have created RSS feeds for myself in the past, if we wanted to give it a try.
Fun Fact, I actually created a Google Calendar that lists server events but realized there really isn't a page where I can embed such a thing. I'll have to see if Google Calendar can be linked as an RSS stream, if it can we should collaborate on that calendar and populate it with events!

But yes, I am 100% for this.
I'd be happy to set it up. I could self-host the RSS feed for now, or just make it.
Since, at its simplest, RSS feeds are just XML, the first line of action is to see if Google Calendar saves as (or can read) XML types. If the answer to that is yes, then the Calendar can use an RSS feed.
I was thinking the other way around, since I can't embed the calendar anywhere at the moment. BUT, we can use the calendar to set up events and link people to an RSS feed of said calendar.

Edit: Doesn't look like it'll happen as that exact feature was removed in November 2015: https://productforums.google.com/d/msg/calendar/Y4tgPqwt3mw/Acj5RmSuAgAJ
Aww, that's rough that it got removed. Seems very counterintuitive to interoperability for them to do that.

At any rate, I was talking with River in voice chat after a PvP match. We might be able to create a pseudo-IRC channel or Discord channel that only certain people who host events can use, or perhaps that generates automatically using the Google calendar thing. This channel can broadcast to minecraft, to cemetech-mc, and/or to SAX.
Not sure why this didn't occur to me earlier but I've embedded the calendar on my website. Since we'll likely just connect a ~events or ~calendar macro to the link. I can invite folks to edit it so we can have events added by multiple people. The cool thing here is that it will be correct for everyone. I think. At the bottom of the page what does the time zone say? It shows "Events shown in time zone: Pacific Time" if that's different for someone else then the event times will always be in the viewers correct time zone (assuming they're logged in to Google or Google can get their timezone info)

Are the permissions set up correctly? I can't view the events.
Minecraft Events
Events from one or more calendars could not be shown here because you do not have the permission to view them.
Try it again, just set the calendar to be Public. Hopefully that'll help!
I've only done this for work and I've never had to make a calendar public for others to see it.
Can players add events? I tried and can't seem to do so.
I'll need to add you as an approved submitter, which is basically sharing the calendar with you and checking off a box so you can add/edit events. You can forward me your Google Account e-mail (doesn't need to be an @gmail) and I'll get you added. Or, we can find another alternative. I currently have tifreak and MoonBeam on the calendar as well.
Alright, I sent you my email address via facebook yesterday Smile

PS: would it be possible to embed the calendar into Cemetech, alongside the map? Then, access can be bound to user accounts! Smile
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