Hi all. I can't seem to get my rom image to work on my iPad. It works fine on my PC. I used the tool to convert it to a .jpg, emailed it to myself, saved it to Photos, and tried to upload it. It looks like it's working, then the emulator screen blinks and goes blank. I tried it in chrome and safari with the same results. I even tried using the .rom version from google drive. Any suggestions?
OK, by chance, I tapped "Refresh emulator variable list" and it started working on my iPad. It's really slow, though. Any way to speed it up? The speed toggle seems to do nothing at all.

And, just for fun, I tried the .rom from google drive, and it worked fine - no speed difference between .rom and .jpg.
I believe it is because the iPad's processors aren't too amazing.

Also, there's an edit button, so try to avoid double posting Smile
It's an unfortunate side effect to the device processor, an issue that we discovered way back when iOS6 was released.

News, jsTIfied & iOS6 wrote:
Some drawbacks to using jsTIfied on your mobile device are speed and the lack of repeated button pressing. For speed, if your ROM fails to load it's best advised to close all of the apps that are running in the background. If you're still struggling for speed restart your device. The iPhone/iPod will run significantly slower than the iPad and in turn, the iPad significantly slower than the computer.

Following those steps may help but it won't speed it up all that much. It's advised to just use jsTIfied on the iPad for regular calculations. But, if you have patience then you can certainly do programming and other related functions.

Additionally, Apple has taken steps to better regulate device performance so closing apps and tabs may not make that much of a difference today than it did all those years ago.

For potential diagnostics, what iPad model and version are you using?
iPad 2 with iOS 10.
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