There is any mechanical engineer in this forum?

Why do you want to know about Mechanical Engineering so much, Pintasman? I have no formal education in mechanical engineering but i dabble a bit in it... :/
I would recommend posting your exact question/problem right away, so people can directly answer it. I could probably answer some questions, but the way you are asking right now, I would say "no".
I am trying to make a basic prgm for Fluid mechanics. I need to put on calculator bernoulli equation, reynolds and so on.
Pintasman wrote:
I am trying to make a basic prgm for Fluid mechanics....

Ah, that's interesting! Do you need some specific formula, or does something fail to work?

Also, may I ask if you're posting from a mobile device? If so, you may have missed that this site has a real time chat, called "SAX". On mobile devices, you may find it at the very bottom of the page, at "Pop Out SAX". It would make things convenient.
Don't ask to ask. Ask your question and those who know will be able to help you faster and easier.

If you have a problem you need help with, start with that.
If you have questions for them, ask those questions first.
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