I will still try to finish this, but I might not get the plot done. School just started, so I'm very busy.
The program is done and I will submit it today. I decided to go with "how fast can you make one million dollars" rather than the complex plot. I will continue updating this project after the contest because I like it. Is there a specific format for uploading the submissions to the archives?
Check the most recent post in the contest topic fothose details.
I sent my entry to contest at this website's domain. If this is the wrong address or it didn't go through, please tell me. Thanks for the help everyone and good luck to all!
Congratulations on submitting the first completed contest entry! People are sure cutting the deadline awfully close. Wink I can't wait to see how your entry looks.
Thanks! I've been burned by procrastination before and this is my most free day so I just wanted to get it done. I can't wait to start writing updates after the judging!
Please note that this program requires commands found only on the MathPrint capable OSes (≥2.53MP). The group will not transfer to your calculator if you are using OS 2.43 or older.
Will compatibility affect how the program is judged?
Kydapoot wrote:
Will compatibility affect how the program is judged?

Probably not, unless it is a major problem for some reason (which I don't believe this is).
Oh good. For future reference, which commands are you referring to, CLASSIC/MATHPRINT or the timing commands?
I have begun completing the game. However, there has been a change of plans...

Before, all you had to do was get money and buy off government officials. Not so simple anymore.
Inspired by the book Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, I have decided to, ah, riddle my program with unexpected challenges.
It begins with a phone call. Your mysterious uncle Kerm has died and left you his train and short stretch of track. He also leaved a cryptic message which hints on who (and how) to call using your phone in order to expand your business.

Thats about all I have right now, but I'm making progress. When I put it in the archives, I will submit both my contest entry and the full program.
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