I am pretty sure that many of you have been thinking that CalcMax is (was?) totally crazy because of his attempted software OC of a ti84+se, but is he really or is there something else going on? After CalcMax abandoned his OC topic, he and I use our TI-84+SE calcs to test what happens with different configurations of the code. After some time, it seemed that the only thing that the program was increasing the refresh rate and slightly (for some unknown reason) increased the CPU speed by at most 2mhz (this was tested by graphing sin(x)). The code was det(20,"<a bunch of Fs>D320C9"). The calcs would run at the OC speed only if the batteries were relatively fresh (CalcMax has rechargeable batteries and saved big money) and if the OS wanted max speed. Stability issues arose after experimentation and CalcMax's calc seemed to have gotten the worst of it: his calc occasionally has a crash that can't be explained.

Also, I am hoping this explanation will one day get CalcMax unbanned ( I am not requesting anything). He got decieved in the beginning (he thought that the digits preceding D320 were the CPU speed in khz).

Best regards,

P.S. geekboy1011 has some cpu OC program for the ti83+se. he made a video about that. Can I get a download link?
Stop making new accounts.
I oveclckde my ti80 to 45mghZ im superier
DJ_O wrote:
I oveclckde my ti80 to 45mghZ im superier

I can get to 420 terafloppy-disks! Beat that!
Usually I'd carry on with my life and ignore the thread like it was never posted, but I think I'm going to bite this time.

I know somebody who graduated from high school last year, who was very similar in attitude to CalcMax. Thought he was the "coolest hacker around" and "slept next to a mountain lion while camping" and talked about how he talked to the CEO of this big company on Skype, and how he needed help to get past 4 layers of encryption to work with the people in said big company, and how contacts at said big company were also in talks to get him into MIT in only a matter of years, and how he had 250 connections on LinkedIn. Crazy stuff; almost delusional.

The truth was that this person ended up in one of the local colleges in the city, used pre-made kits and sample code to develop his robots, and had an ordinary job at a grocery store. Regardless of his persuasive skills, no matter how many "robots" or "contacts" he claimed he had made, he really could not present evidence, and therefore none of it mattered.

In relation to the anecdote, please stop digging your own grave, CalcMax. You are probably still in high school, probably not even neck-deep into college yet (disclaimer here, I'm still in high school too, but from what I've heard, college is 5x harder academically, but also 5x more fun and stimulating). If you do not stop proclaiming your "novel discoveries" without actual evidence, and without using a formal, academic tone to explain how you arrived at your discoveries, you won't be taken seriously later on in life - or worse, discredited.

For instance, it's not possible to calculate a certain MHz value just by comparing the speed of graphing sin(x). It is not an acceptable benchmark because it introduces human error in timing. Also, det(20, ...) doesn't do anything in SE. And knowing that CalcMax used rechargeable batteries confirms you are indeed CalcMax, since only CalcMax would happen to know those minute details. And geekboy has made a video on an overclock, but I'm sure the program was designed to reduced the clock speed of the CPU with software after he increased it with a hardware mod.

There, I'm done. You can lock this thread now.
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