My plan, if I have time and if I get my calculator back, is to make a puzzle game involving rotating track segments to get a train to make it to the end of the line.
Now that my CE is here, it's time to detail some plans.

The game will be a shunting-style game, where the user wants to have the same color in a single 'train'. This can be accomplished by moving a single train car to another train at a time. Every level will be generated on the spot, to lengthen the game length and also to save myself time on designing levels.

This will most likely be done in pure basic, as I haven't yet gotten TiLP set up on Ubuntu, and I can't immediately install TI-Connect on my Windows partition.
What I have done:
Level Generation
Displaying the current level

Moving train cars around
Beating a level detection
Determine a scoring system
Sounding good, but do you have any screenshots to show off? Im interested to see how this looks.
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