Hello, I would like to know opinions about the AMD-E1-2100 integrated in some low-cost laptops.

-Kabini 28nm architecture
-64 bits
-2 cores 1 GHz
-1024KB L2 cache

I have it with 4GB RAM, and the experience with Windows 10 is good, but in Linux (Lubuntu) is very very much slower. (Maybe drivers? Or not?)

Good things:
-Very long battery time
-Very low heat

Bad things:
-Poor performance.

Use: Programming, surfing the internet, highschool and college work, chemistry and math apps, connecting the calculators.

I ask this to you, because in this community we use to program calculators, which have a very modest hardware.

I like to use modest hardware, it is a challenge.

Any opinion is welcome

Thanks in advance
I assume it's driver-related- your DE is probably trying to use compositing without display acceleration and it's very slow. You don't say what software versions you have, but I assume the default driver (either radeon or amdgpu) doesn't support or is very poorly optimized for that APU.

You may see better performance with fglrx, but Phoronix report good performance with radeon on Kabini two years ago so maybe I'm just wrong.
I tried Lubuntu 14.10 with the default drivers included in the OS. Maybe the next time I must install propierary drivers.
A newer version may work better out-of-the-box (there's no compelling reason to use anything but 16.04). The kernel packaged with 14.10 is probably not much newer than your hardware so its support will probably not be good.
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