Heh, I was just joking. Tell me and Ivoah what the dog breed is on that photo!!!!!!!
Thanks to the developers for making this software, is amazing to program and run others programs on a so cool machine.
I'm waiting to the post corporation to bring me my TI-84+SE (used), and I'm very exited to install Doors CS 7.2 on it,
I can't wait more!
Thanks, frank! It was a labor of love, but one I was happy to create. I hope it'll be useful to you and your TI-84 Plus SE.
I was playing Heroes of the Storm today (a game to which Elfprince13 introduced me, and which I have played quite a bit recently), and I think someone recognized my username.

Is there an open source for this or no? I'd like to take a look at it to see how I could model my math program that I'm going to start in the coming months. If not, it's fine. Just wondering.

Nevermind, didn't see the post that had the open source. Thanks
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